Phlebotomy training: all you need to know

The simple extraction of a blood sample from one’s (the patient’s) body. This is usually done for the people who need medical attention or donate blood, occasionally. But these days, the blood sampling is performed through medical needles. And to handle the needles, medical professionals like medical assistant are needed who are trained and certified just to collect blood from the patient. These trained medical professionals are called as phlebotomists. The blood sample that the phlebotomist collects, will go through a series of tests which will decide the problem that the patient is facing. These tests are usually done by registered physicians or medical technicians. The test result will give the doctor an insight into the state of health of the patient.

Now, lets take an example where a phlebotomist plays a crucial rule. In a serious medical problem or disease, phlebotomy is needed so as to judge the state of health of the person. But if the patient has an excessive amount of iron in their blood and the patients who go through the process of dialysis can have a normal process of bleeding like in other healthy people. But their blood needs to be checked on a regular basis and the transfer should be done under utmost care. This is where a phlebotomist comes into play and saves the day. Since the job of a phlebotomist is to do the job with most care, the transfers and the blood sample collection is taken care of by the phlebotomist.

One cannot simple be a phlebotomist. You need to undergo special training to become one. But before you decide to go for the training, it might be a good idea to check the law that prevails in the state about phlebotomy. The rule changes according to every state and so having a good look at the laws and rules of the state would serve you good.

The time taken to complete the training will be around a few weeks. This is depending on the school that you choose to join. A few things you should make sure you do before you join are, to check if the college or school is accredited. You should also check if the phlebotomy training course includes hands on training time as this is very crucial in the part of phlebotomy training. If the program does not contain any of this, it is wiser to choose something that will educate you in these spectrums as well. Although certification is needed in many states, many states don’t have it and it does not qualify as a need for the job vacancy as well. However, having a degree or a certificate has done no one any harm but has only made a person more successful.

The topics covered in the training will vary according to the school you choose but the general ones that are covered are the human anatomy, the various methods that are followed in phlebotomy, the methods of blood collection, the rules to keep by in the lab, and everything else you will need to know as a phlebotomist. You will be shown ways of dealing with patties, the basic first aid will be taught to you, the process of taking the blood for analysis and keeping it safe, the safety precaution that are to be followed etc. will be taught to you as well.

Although phlebotomy is a crucial part in the medical sector, your work will not only revolve around the veins of another person. You will need to help around with the doctors, lend a helping hand to the nurses and be a role model to the new recruits that come. The salary is lucrative just like the medical assistant salary.

Phlebotomy jobs

Are you dreaming of a career in the medical field? Getting into it through phlebotomy seems like a legit option? Then welcome to the world of phlebotomy!! Studying phlebotomy and getting into the medical field is the dream of many students these days. Read on to know more about this great opportunity!

Phlebotomy is the process by which an incision is made on the vein so as to draw blood out or to inject other fluids into the body as directed by the physician. The training period of a phlebotomist, when compared to that of a doctor is less but the effort and the hard work that is put in by a phlebotomist is a lot. The job is very taxing and it is not at all suitable for the light hearted of men.

So, how should you find the best phlebotomy jobs around you? Well for starters, you can always count on the teachers and staff you had back at the college or the school you attended. They are the best when it comes to knowing places that are most suitable for you, as they have seen you throughout and can judge your abilities in practical. Another way of kneeing where to work is by asking your favorite hospital or clinic. Putting a word out that you are looking for work can bring a lot of openings as well.

Your salary as you start may not be huge or great. But as you gain experience and become skilled in what you do, your salary will steadily increase as well. You will also need to assist the doctor in the area. You will not be tied down to the lab, your expertise will be needed in a lot of areas and hence you can grow in your area.

Phlebotomy salary

To start off, let me tell you the average salary of a phlebotomist. The average earnings of a phlebotomist are around $27,040 or $13.00 per hour (this calculation is based on 40 hours of work in a week). Phlebotomy has become a major choice for medical students these days. It could be because of the easy entrance into the medical sector or it could also be because of the high compensations it has.

Don’t be fooled after hearing all this. Phlebotomy is a tough task and cannot be handled by everyone. Are you afraid of dealing with blood? Are you scared of sharp objects? Well, then this job is most certainly NOT for you! The making of a precise incision on a vein to draw blood out for various purposes is called as phlebotomy. This certainly not for the faint hearted. Your involvement in this is huge as it needs a lot of responsibilities. A phlebotomist will be needing to do not only their duties but also assist the doctors, keep the labs clean, teach the new recruits all about your job as a phlebotomist and also be up to date with the changing trends in the world about phlebotomy.

Experience in the field can considerably increase you pay to a substantial amount. On an average, a newly stated phlebotomist will earn around $25,000 per year but an experienced phlebotomist can easily earn upto a starting salary of $35,800. To be more specific, having an experience of 1 to 4 years, you can earn around $27,500 per annum. An experience of 5 to 9 years can get you approximately $29,000 per year and 10 years or more, they have a starting salary of $33,000 per year. And phlebotomists with an experience with more than 20 years have a starting salary of $35,800!

Phelbotomy certification

The mere process of phlebotomy requires a lot of attention and care. It is the process of making an incision in the vein to draw out blood or to inject fluids into the body. This is associated greatly with many aspects of venipuncture which also deals with drawing blood for samples. The person who practices phlebotomy is called as a phlebotomist. To become a phlebotomist, one has to have certain requirements and the most important one is clearing the certificate exam.

Clearing the certificate exam in phlebotomy can be difficult but it is definitely worth all the hard work when it comes down to it. A certification in phlebotomy portrays a lot of things about you to potential clients. It shows determination, skill, achievements and the extent of knowledge you have in the subject.

Getting a job in this field without a certificate is pretty tricky, considering the fact that you are just starting out and have no experience lined up as well.

The certificate courses cover important details such as the anatomy of the body, the main veins, the important nerves, the various methods of making incisions, social skills and communication with patients, and much more that are needed.

If you choose to do a certification course, here is a bit of information about it.

-        The duration of the course can last from a few weeks to 6 months.(the graduation course takes 3 years)

-        Make sure that you do it from a reputed college that is accredited.

-        You can either choose to do in offline or online.

-        Always choose a program that involves training time.

It is clever to do a course in phlebotomy as it helps you land a job easily and supports you even in the future. Louisiana and California might be the only states that need all phlebotomists to be licensed but it is always nice to have a certificate that shows you eligible for the job or shows that you meet all the required necessities as a phlebotomist!

How to become a phlebotomy technician?

Does looking at blood make you uncomfortable? No? Do you like serving the public? Are you dreaming of working in the medical sector? Well, then surely consider phlebotomy as an option!  This article will give you heap loads of information on becoming a phlebotomy technician.

Firstly, let’s talk about the major duties and responsibilities of a phlebotomist. Mainly, your job is to collect blood samples for analysis, but other than that you will need to do the following duties too:

-        You will need to train the new recruited phlebotomists (if any)

-        Keep the laboratory that you are working in always clean

-        Dispose of all the samples and fluids cleanly and safely

-        Disposing of all the equipment that is used in the lab and cleaning equipment in the lab to keep out contamination at all costs.

-        Filling out the paperwork of the patients, correctly.

-        Instructing and informing the patients.

-        Checking the patient’s vitals.

-        Keeping yourself updating with all the latest techniques in phlebotomy

-        Might have to schedule appointments for doctors as well.

-        Always provide assistance to the doctors

-        Be aware of the various laws that are present in the day and be updated with them.

-        Maintaining and labeling of the samples.

-        Keeping all equipment and tools in the laboratory always sterilized.

To do all this and to be called a phlebotomist, you will have to pass the certificate exam. Now, this is not a necessity but is it always handy and valuable when you have a certificate that states your skill and reveals it to the world, right? Once you are done with the course (which usually lasts for about 6 months) you are ready to start working as a phlebotomist.

A job for you is guaranteed almost anywhere with the possession of a certificate. The starting salaries are $14-$16 per hour and increases as you become more and more skilled.

Why do I need to join a phlebotomy school?

With the rise in technology and the improvements it has brought along with it, blood analysis has become one of the ONLY ways to get to know information about a person. Phlebotomy deals with not only the drawing out of blood but also the studying and analysis of the blood sample. And this is what has made phlebotomy famous and has become a choice for many medical students these days. Phlebotomy is an easier way to get into the medical field, with comparatively fewer years of training when compared to a doctor.

As the medical world is catching up with the growing technology, phlebotomists have found this very lucrative since their need has been growing the medical sector constantly. The importance of a phlebotomist being qualified is very high because of the dangers an uneducated phlebotomist possess. The analysis and reading of blood has to be precise and correct and any mistakes cannot be afforded to make as it might result in the ruining of one’s life.

So get your shoes on and join a course in phlebotomy as soon as possible! You can start off by researching your potential colleges and then short listing it to enroll in one. You can either choose to study a certificate course or a degree. The degree course might take time but it deals with a lot more information than what you learn in the certificate course.

But having a certificate is like a license to get a job. You can land a job with a reasonable salary almost anywhere when you have a certificate that shows off your skills! And well, studying a course will only make your knowledge in the subject much sharper and better and hence make you even more skilled in what you do.

Phlebotomy courses and doing them the right way

Are you one of the hundreds who have dreamed about joining the medical sector after growing up? Did you also dress up like a doctor during Halloween? Well, then here’s your chance to get into the medical sector without any hassles! Join a course and become a phlebotomist in no time. Phlebotomy is the art of making a precise incision on the vein so as to draw out blood for useful purposes or to inject liquids into the body as directed by the physician.

However and whatever be the reason, phlebotomy is growing as an occupation now and has become a major role in the medical sector these days. The hunt for a phlebotomist is on and you might just be the one to fill in the vacancy spot! The step to becoming a successful phlebotomist is quite simple, small and easy. Firstly you will need to do a course that will make you skilled in the field of phlebotomy.

You can do that by enrolling yourself in any of the courses that are offered in phlebotomy. The requirements needed are:

-        should have a high school diploma

-        Should be above 18 years of age and

-        Should have a completely clean criminal record (this might not be the perfect job for the juveniles, eh?).

Once you are sure that you are eligible to go ahead and study, you will need to make a list of the potential colleges or schools you want to study in. once you have short listed it, make sure to research the history of the college completely and check the pass percentage of the college. Once you are done with the course, make a new step forward and intern or even work in a clinic or a hospital!



CERTIFIED NURSING ASSISTANTS are those whose aid those seeking care in physical and psychological aspects. CNA’s are the most wanted in these days everywhere in Florida for the service they offer. Students can obtain a perfect training under the experienced advice. The scope of salaries is high if worked on long term basis.


  • Scope of better future in the field of nursing.
  • Acquiring knowledge and skill under the training of RN’s & LPN’s.
  • Helping the aged to get cured fast.
  • Emotionally rewarding and satisfying career.
  • Higher chances of getting employed with good salary and long tenure.
  • Most lucrative and rewarding for those aspiring to become a licensed nurse.
  • Affordable training with promising future.
  • Can attain to good position in short term.


  • Possessing an age of 18.
  • Should have a high school diploma or GED
  • Should have clean health record
  • should have clean criminal record
  • Should have passion to dedicate them to work without hesitation.
  • Should have care, passion, patience as their personality traits.


Training constitutes of both classroom and clinical training which focuses on attaining good theoretical and practical knowledge under the experienced faculty environment under which students are exposed to get trained by observing as they can go to different working places for deeper study.

Classroom training involves the theoretical aspects on medication, anatomy, basics of nursing, communication skills, psychological skills, how to deal patients with passion.

Clinical training involves the application of the theories learnt in the classroom where the students are taken to clinics and given patients to observe them and study under professionals which helps them to understand more and learn more before going into their professions.

CNA training is a boon to those aspiring for a good future in nursing with a good healthy opportunities ahead earning good amount of salary for the aspirants of Florida. As per the U.S Department of Labor the raise of demand for CNA’s is nearly estimated to 22% by 2020 due to the increased number of aged people and less number of people to take care of them.

GATEWAY: is a link which provides all basic information regarding CNA classes and gets your conscience cleared regarding this issue.

New Ways to improve your registered nurse starting salary by practicing in Hyperbaric Nursing

Who are nurses working in the new medical science of oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric environment? Registered nurses who want to work in new medicine specialties can work as Hyperbaric Nurses. It deals with various diseases like a diabetic patient with chronic foot ulcers who would be treated in special chambers where more oxygen is introduced in a controlled environment.

What are the primary duties of Hyperbaric Nurses?

A registered nurse qualified with her RN license and educated in nursing skills from various popular RN nursing schools, would be equipped to take the daily challenges of this field which are:

  • Perform daily check up of patients who need hyperbaric treatments like diabetic patients.
  • They prepare these patients for various operation procedures in hyperbaric environments.
  • The patients are also informed of various safety guidelines they need to follow, so that they enjoy a smooth procedure process.

Do these nurses working in hyperbaric environment have specialized examinations too?

In medical science one of the key areas to project your specialized skill, is to clear your specialized examinations in your chosen field.  Nurses in this field can appear for specialized examinations which certify them as nurses with expert skills in hyperbaric treatment and advance nurse in the same area. Besides being a RN license holder, you have to work in areas like hyperbaric oxygen therapy for around three years before you can sit for the above exams. Once you clear these exams, you can enjoy a registered nurse starting salary in hyperbaric  specialization of around thirty five dollar per hour, learn more at

Learn About The Parameters That Influence Medical Assistant Salary

If you are an aspiring candidate and willing to enter into medical assistant profession, you will get delighted in knowing that the position is getting recognized as one of the promising options in modern day scenario. There are a few questions you need to ask so as to develop a fairer level of understanding about the remuneration you can expect to earn.

A Few Important Factors

The first and foremost question you need to ask is the location as to where you will be practicing both in terms of population and location. The fact as to whether you are interested in maintaining a working association along with a specialty clinic or a private practice centre is one of the other factors that need to be taken into due justification. There are also a lot other factors that determine the Medical Assistant Salary you can expect in earning. Factors such as practical skills, medical education and technical training are a few of the important elements that determine the amount of remuneration you can expect in this particular field.


Practical Skills And Knowledge

Medical Assistant Salary depends upon the extent of medical knowledge and practical skills you necessarily possess. However, you need to understand that most often than not the salary varies depending upon the practical skills and medical knowledge. There is no point in believing that the salary will remain the same across all organizations. Based on the healthcare organization you remain associated with, your salary can vary accordingly. There are a number of online resources that can assist you in knowing as to what is the exact salary you can expect in this particular field of medicine. Salaries depend upon factors including; experience, license and areas of specialization. In order to benefit from a high salary package, it is advisable to enroll in reputed and accredited institutions.

Selecting A Career In Surgical Tech Can Change Your Life

When it comes to selecting a career, there are innumerable options available for you. You should always select the one that best suits your skill and interest. If you are interested in a legal professional, you can become a paralegal by completing paralegal studies. On the other hand, if you are interested in the medical industry, you can become a Surgical Technician. The scopes and opportunities in each of these professions are immense. It is rightly up to you to decide the field that you would choose. On the basis of that, you should acquire the essential information related to that particular career.

Assisting In Surgery:

If you opt to choose the career of a Surgical Tech, it is important to know your job duties and responsibilities. The main task is to assist in surgery by helping the team members in different ways. Different organizations or individual surgeons will hire you for different reasons. This will bring in a variation in your salary. You can expect to earn anywhere from $11.76 per hour to $15.51 hourly. However, you need to complete your training from good institutions such as Indian River State College or Lake Superior College. This will increase your job prospects. A careful research at this site will provide you with important facts.

An Exciting Field:

The work of the Surgical Tech is considered to be highly exciting and rewarding. With every surgical procedure, you will get the chance to learn and experience new things. The demand for this job is also increasing. Therefore, it is highly important for you to be on your toes every time. You need the skill to act during emergencies. You are often responsible for ensuring the safety of the patients. Thus, you should be thoroughly updated with necessary skills and knowledge to help the surgeons and the patients. With this career, you must be ready for an adventure.

Learn About The Various Medical Assistant Requirements

The healthcare or medical assistant is a crucial member if a hospital or medical clinic. It is due to the fact that they support a doctor at the time of any operational activities. At the moment, you can see an increasing demand of employment prospects of a clinical medical assistant. If you want to make a livelihood in this profession, it is required to know about their responsibilities and duties. A lot of ambitious candidates want to know the answer of the question what do medical assistants do’. You must also know that the different medical assistant requirements will differ as per the guidelines and protocols of a state.

Duration of the course

If you want to apply in the best and quality Medical Assistant Schools, it is required to know about the requirements and conditions of a particular state. You can also obtain a specialized degree from various vocational schools or community colleges in the specific area. These colleges will offer both clinical and administrative skills. A student can complete the job related training in one or two years. There are certain factors, which you have to consider so that you can get sufficient information about Medical assistant schools and training programs in florida. The medical assistant schools in Florida include Everest Institute, Everest University, Florida Technical College etc.

The essential tips

It is extremely essential to choose the appropriate school as the medical assistant classes are offered by the school to the ambitious candidates. Some of the valuable tips that will assist you in your selection according to your needs and budget are:

  • Get the entire list of vocational schools or community colleges by asking the medical assistants of your locality.
  • Find the right school that offers knowledge, as well as proper training.
  • Investing the time appropriately by performing the proper research.
  • The school that you will select must be authorized by the Higher Education Council or US Department for Education.

The medical assistant wage varies from around $40,000 to $50,000.

Information About Getting Pharmacy Technician Certification!!

No matter which career you pick, attaining a certification demonstrates that you possess the required knowledge and skill to expel in this particular industry. When we have to talk about a career with the health care sector, attaining certification is mandatory.

There are vivid career options for one to make career with the health care sector, being a pharmacy technician is one such option that one can opt for. For one to excel in this particular field attaining a certification is mandatory. In fact, recruiters prefer to pick individuals who are trained properly and pursue a certificate.

Getting into deeper layers!!

Who is actually a pharmacy technician?

A pharm tech is a trained professional; trained in assisting the chief pharmacist with filling the prescriptions and handling the stores. They assist the patients with their medication needs and also answer the online requisites. There are many other duties that a pharmacy technician has to fulfill and it is definitely not an easy task for an amateur. It needs lot of training. Meeting the demand there are many top pharmacy technician schools that have come forward to offer training for the interested individuals.

In fact being a pharmacy technician has turned out to be a lucrative career option these days. Earlier, on the job training was more in demand but with the advancing technology and the demand for quality health care services. These days only trained and certified professionals are recruited.

There are many degrees that one can attain, while being a pharmacy technician. No matter what degree you earn or how many degrees you earn. Without a pharmacy technician certification nothing is valid. For one to attain a certification, need to complete their training from an accredited institute and then apply for the exam. A common exam is conducted by the PCTB (Pharmacy Technician Certification Board) and ICPT (Institute for the Certification of Pharmacy Technicians).

Take Advantage to know how to be a registered nurse and support your dialysis patients

When patients suffer from kidney diseases, they might suffer from renal complications. But a medical process called dialysis is what makes these patients lead a healthy life. If you are a registered nurse working in dialysis division of your health care, than you is an expert on various kidney problems and complications faced by your patients.

What vital functions does a registered nurse perform as a dialysis nurse?

After knowing registered nurse education requirements and his/her education from any school, he/she would as a dialysis nurse performs few core functions which are:

  • The registered nurse supervises various forms of dialysis like cleaning of blood and normal kidney dialysis.
  • The nurse also carefully monitors the condition of the dialysis patients, before and after the medical procedure. In case of any complications, specialized doctors are consulted.
  • These RN’s working in dialysis departments would also offer comfort and make the patient understand his illness.
  • A patient, who has had a new kidney implant, would also receive support and care from these professional nurses.

Is there any mandatory academic course needed for an RN?

Apart from the registered nurse training received from a regular registered nurse schools. The skilled RN would also need to clear specialized examinations related to nephrology. These examinations are regulated by organizations which regulate nursing in nephrology department. The dialysis nurse also needs around three thousand hours of work experience in dialysis division. After clearing her certification, she can enjoy an annual salary of 95,130 dollars per annum.

About training in medical billing and coding

Medical billing and coding sector is very important to the general administration of a hospital and other medical institutions. People who have studied the course are highly sought after and they have job openings in a variety of places, which include hospitals, private doctors’ offices, and in nursing and home healthcare institutions. If you have been specially trained and certified, you will be sought after by many employers.

Medical billers and coders have a special role, which is that of representation the services those doctors provide to patients in some codes. These codes are then input into a computer system. The codes are accessible to insurance companies who need to verify them for purposes of claims. In addition, from these codes, the patient bill is generated.

There are several benefits you and to get by enrolling in this course. First, it takes a relatively shorter period. Within 9 months, you will have completed your medical billing certification course and will be working and earning salary. Secondly, this is a very marketable career. Upon completing your course, you can be guaranteed to find a job. Finally, one can choose several certification levels.

There is also great flexibility to students especially since the programs can be offered through the internet and physically. Some employers normally recruit graduates and then give some time so that they can be certified. This ensures that you are able to join the workforce within the shortest period.

The more the medical sector grows, the more demand is created in this sector. As a result, we are seeing increased options for specialists who are in this field. Unlike in the past where a physician was able to handle almost any disease, today doctors are being more and more specialized. The more the fields of specialization, the more demand for medical billers and coders.